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How the network works

The Community Change Leadership Network was designed to create a space where we can come together to heal and be well. As a network, we welcome co-creation and encourage our network members to take on the responsibility of shared leadership, based on their capacity and energy, because we know that everyone has something valuable to offer. 

Ladder of Engagement

We understand that people have varying levels of interest and abilities to participate in our network based on life circumstances. This ladder of engagement showcases multiple opportunities of participation from low to high. We encourage you to reflect on your level of engagement that is possible now, as well as the increasing levels of responsibility you may take on within the Community Change Leadership Network.

To achieve our goal of creating a culture of health through networked relationship building, we have broken our work up into three buckets: 

1. The Group Work. Through our six working groups, CCLN network members come together to design and maintain the overall functioning of our network.

To learn more about or join a group, please stay tuned in the newsletter for updates. 

2. Making financial resources available to network members.  Information on availability of funds will be sent out in the newsletter.

  • The Network Activation Fund makes seed funding available by way of micro-grants to support the learning and collaborative work of the network through a decision-making process that is open to all. 
  • The Equity Fund was created with the intention of eliminating barriers and filling in the gap for those facing discrepancies in income, and who have interest in participating in activities in this network. The purpose of the fund is to support network members’ ability to lead. 
  • Black Womyn’s Leadership Fund supports the forward-thinking leadership of Black women within the network. Black women network members can apply for funds to use for housing, food, office furniture, or just for support.

3. Network Engagement Activities, opportunities for network participants to build with and learn from each other through coffee chats, orientations, cross program topical sessions and more. Visit our calendar to learn more about our upcoming activities.

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